with Y.-T. Kuo (right, Microsoft) in Boston, 2010

Research Interests

My current interests include the following areas:
  • Extreme-Scale Computing and Data Analytics
  • Computational Biology and Life-Science Informatics
  • Combinatorial Algorithms and Experimental Algorithmics
More about our research activities are collated here: Curriculum Vitae

Recent Teaching: Spring 2017

  • CSE 4500/5304-001 Parallel Systems/High-Performance Computing
  • CSE 4940-006 CSE Design Project II

For Students


Chun-Hsi (Vincent) Huang
Associate Professor
Computer Science and Engineering
371 Fairfield Way, Unit 4155
University of Connecticut
Storrs, CT 06269, USA

Phone: +1-860-4865472
Fax: +1-860-4864817