CSE4709 / CSE5095 Networked Embedded Systems
Fall 2013

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This course provides an introduction to the design, analysis and implementation of networked embedded systems that interact with physical environment. Applications of such systems include environmental monitoring, consumer electronics, medical devices, automotive systems, industrial process control, distributed robotics, and smart structures.

Topics covered in this course include concepts, technologies and protocols for low-power and resource-restricted wireless networks; embedded system architectures; and real-time system concept, scheduling theory and design principles. Other advanced topics will also be covered in this course include real-time operating systems, indoor collaborative localization techniques, and end-to-end delay analysis in wireless mesh networks. Through a well-designed course project, students will acquire skills in the design, implementation and debugging of core embedded and real-time functionality, and build applications on representative wireless real-time and embedded communication platforms.


  • The student course project presentations are available. Update me if you have a video clip to demonstrate: http://engr.uconn.edu/~song/classes/nes/projects.html
  • The final exam review is available here: final-exam-review.pdf
  • The course project final report is due at the midnight of Dec. 12th. The report template is available here: report-template.pdf
  • The course project presentation slides is due at the midnight of Dec. 1st.
  • The Raspberry Pi and WirelessHART slides are available online.
  • The android programming slides are available online.
  • The student presentation slides, the midterm review and the slides for NWK are available online. The midterm exam will be scheduled on Oct. 15th.
  • The list of papers to be presented by graduate students is available here: paper-list.pdf
  • The slides for the PHY and MAC are available. Paper review assignment 1 is available here and is due on Sept. 19th.
  • How to read a paper from Dr. keshav, and our paper review template is available here: template.pdf
  • The slides for Internet architecture are available. HW-1 (two sub-questions) is on page 27 and is due on Sept. 12th.
  • If you haven't got a permission number but want to enroll in the class, please send an email to the instructor.
  • Some references on Internet of Things and RaspBerry Pi basics are available now.
  • The slides for the two lectures in the first week are available.
  • 8/25/2013: Enrollment: if you have not yet been able to enroll in class, come to the first lecture to apply for a slot.

  • Administrative Information


    Song Han   Email: song AT engr DOT uconn DOT edu   Phone: 486-8771

    Office Hr: Tuesday 4:30 - 5:30 PM, 355 ITE Building or by appointment
    Class Info: 8907/9347 TTH 12:30-1:45 PM, 127 ITE Building
    Home page: http://engr.uconn.edu/~song/classes/nes/index.html
    Prequisites: CSE 2300W, 3666 and 3300 or equivalent with permission of the instructor.



    There will be paper review assignments ( two papers per week, since the week of September 17th), one in-class midterm exam (tentative date is Oct. 15th), and one in-class final exam (tentative date is Dec. 5th). The exams will be open-books and open-notes. Each graduate student will be assigned to present one paper (25 minutes presentation + 5 minutes Q&A)

    The final course grade will be computed as follows:

    If you have questions regarding the grading of your paper review, project or exams, you MUST come to see the instructor WITHIN ONE WEEK after the date your paper review, project or exams have been returned to you.

    Late Policy

    Paper review assignment and project is subject to late penalty. Here is the point deduction policy: 20% deduction (late by 1 day), 40% deduction (late by 2days), 80% deduction (late by 3 days), and no credit if late by more than three days.

    Contact the instructor in case of medical emergency, and a written proof from your doctor is required.

    Academic Integrity


    You may discuss the assigned paper with anyone and use any reference material, provided you do not copy any other personís work. We will follow the University Policy on Academic Integrity regarding any cheating and plagiarism. Take the time to familiarize yourself with the contents of this page, as you are responsible for its contents.